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"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."―Mahatma Gandhi

A friend once reached for my hand as we snorkeled in the Pacific. In the water she was stronger than I, free and happy. Her confidence bloomed in this womb-like atmosphere. She felt powerful and wise. I felt like a child and willingly let her guide me through the ocean's magic. She pointed out the jewel colored fish and swaying green plants that seemed to wave at me. As we moved to swim past our small tour boat a piece of bread suddenly floated down from a passenger above. A yellow and turquoise fish quickly swam past, opening its mouth to let the bread in, a snack from heaven.

I moved along, wiggling my legs behind me in slow motion, listening to the sound of my breath and the waters melody. A swarm of little fish came towards me, and though they were teeny tiny their speed surpassed mine and in seconds. I was in the middle of them being tickled and bumped by there pinky finger sized forms and moments later they were gone. I felt a wave of elation to be mingling in such a graceful setting. The liquid colors of life seemed to fill me with joy and made me laugh in the waters echo. My friend looked to me and smiled.

We began to circle a large rock, spotting an eel.

My friend's eye brows lifted in her mask and she questioned me " Want to go closer?" In my mask my eyes become stern " nooooo! " She let my fears be, squeezed my hand and we swam on. Nothing felt more loving and healing than to just say I am afraid and have it be heard.

In time we popped up above the waters surface, our bodies bobbing up and down. I think we came up to laugh, to see the air was still there and to feel the bright sunshine reflecting off our faces. We wanted to relish our moment from another perspective. A pelican was sitting on the rock nearby sunbathing and observing the strange spectacle we temporarily occupied in her home, yet she welcomed us calmly, as if change was to be expected.

The ocean wrapped itself around our bodies yet floated away from us at the same time."An image of an aura" it whispered. "Do you want to understand what your aura can be like? Feel this." Do you want to understand how much is happening in one moment? Look up, look down, look under, be afraid, be brave, be surprised, be powerful, giggle, hold a hand and stay curious.

©Lucy Hamel


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