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Yoga not only offers me a much healthier body, it brings presence and awareness. This place where I can truly sense how thoughts move through me and effect me. I can sense air entering and exiting, sometimes the breath moves on its own without my instruction. Yet I am also able to bring awareness to it and to draw it in, pause and allow it to swirl though me and then slowly let it go. With such actions the mind begins to slow down too, right? And when the mind slows, awareness begins to expand to a higher level. Your slow down has left this fabulous space for insights of truth.

Sensing the body in movement or in stillness brings into clarity how you have been living, thinking, feeling and even sleeping. Its a comedy of sorts that we don’t always sense how interconnected the thoughts, feelings, breath and body are. Here lies my passion and you will know that pretty quickly once we meet. My narration, music and practice invite you on a ride to listen, pay attention and observe all you are capable of. I think that is the heart of my philosophy for yoga and life. The awareness of the absolute magic of it all and your part in it.


My philosophy grows. My thoughts on how to use yoga continually expand as I practice and have the honor of watching it’s effects on students and myself. The more I practice, the more it follows me everywhere in life. One thing I have remained steady with is to make the practice fun and hold meaning. Like life. The biggest gift of the practice is that moment you step on your mat you are visiting you.

Many times my yoga practice or teaching involves playing in nature. They seem to bring stillness and movement together with such simple and powerful grace. I imagine many, many years ago, yogis were inspired by nature and understood such a high wisdom. The sudden warm comfort of a hard rock, the sense of limitlessness of an expansive sky and deep mystical sea…

On other occasions, music may help sweep us into our emotional body with fluidity.


Or maybe the supportive touch of another’s being brings a sense of union.

Other times pure silence holds the magic.

Or the life found in an inhale and exhale.

The journey of my clearing path.

Somehow concentration moves into a deeper “listening”.

Namaste, Lucy.

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