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Free Online Breathing Meditations 

Every Sunday 17:00pm (Local time in Greece)


My intention with retreats, workshops and private sessions has always been to offer a presence that helps you to embrace an expansive awareness and wonder of who you are and what you are capable of. Somehow, just by taking a little bit of time to breathe, move or meditate, we find our spirit and personal energy are profoundly powerful, wise and lovable. Once we are reminded of this, I sense we find it easier to be clearer, more responsible and caring with ourselves and others.


Yet these wise feelings and insights need nurturing. They need us to honor the time to draw our awareness into our life force energy and widen our vision of perception. Through practice, we build this invisible yet real muscle of a stronger intuition and ease in understanding ourselves and others, and a realization of how loving it is to let healing be done with ease. Be it through letting go or letting in. Inhale or exhale.


With that in mind, I have decided I would like to offer weekly group sessions online free of charge. A space for us all to connect and continue what we have practiced together. *If you are new and here by chance after reading the blog, please join in.


What’s the plan? Well, it may change now and then as we grow and explore. Sometimes we will do breath work, other times meditations.


You can expect a short talk to explain circular breathing, followed 25 minutes of conscious connected breathing, moving into a 10 minute meditation. Your microphones will be turned off for this portion, though the chat box (to type in your “hellos” to friends you may know from previous retreats) is open, and will remain open until we close the session. The session in total will probably be about 45 minutes. If you have to leave early, just sign off guilt free ;). Do what you can.


It's a good idea to have your journal nearby, as you may want to write down some insights when you finish. Also its nice to have a candle or two lit, a glass of water or tea, a pillow and a blanket. (You will be lying down). On the zoom* screen, you have the choice to keep your camera on or off. This is about you creating a practice space that feels extra special. Make yourself important.

*Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom Application on the device you'll be using for the meditation.


You will receive an invitation each week, please subscribe to the website or send an email to get a newsletter each week with a link to the online Zoom meeting. 


Namaste with love,



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