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Rebirthing / Breathwork

In learning of your own power and freedom, find time to follow your breath. I have never ceased to be amazed and in awe of the simplicity of allowing another soul to dance in a circle only with the breath. What happens? Truth and freedom of expression in an unrolling of hidden emotions set free.

 Think of times when you were shy or uncomfortable and unsure. Go ahead. Remember  moments of shyness and observe how your breath became more shallow.


Think of a time when you were angry, jealous or sad and observe how your breath becomes a controlled mechanism in its loss of freedom. 


Think of moments you were outrageously happy or in love. Feel the difference in the intake of air.

Somewhere along the story of your life your breathing adapted to the world view that many of your your “feelings” were negative and need to be stunted or simply not felt.

I wish I knew when I was young how to be angry. How when something made me angry it was because I was not getting what I want or that I thought something was unjust. That after I realized I may not get what I want, that would lead to sadness, which in turn, may lead to strength or creativity. What if it was told it was safe to be like thunder for a while ( anger) which will become rain ( tears) that will nourish you and give birth to all sorts of colorful ideas like the earth and jungle flowers.  All weather is needed for growth and life.

Yet I wish I knew that passing through anger and sadness was ok and was a path towards my needs and boundaries and self love. A self love that would help me communicate and love others more truly.


We are taught to read, to speak, to know the history of the world, to add, to subtract to write in a acceptable style for our teacher. We were taught how to communicate in a manner to please. How to dress in a way that is assumed attractive to our society. To not make others uncomfortable, yet what we have ended up with in many cases is a discomfort in our body and hearts as our communication lacks truth of the spirit we are.

Don’t you wish there was a place in your young years of education, a special class where we were taught  how our ‘feelings’ guide us? Where we were taught to listen to our emotional thermometer  and learn how to move that into a truth that helps us? Maybe we would actually be able to be clearer in what we want. Maybe we would find our uniqueness healthy.


The gift is that we can discover our hearts and true feelings by simply breathing freely and listening to how our body reacts to certain stories, to our thoughts, to our internal wisdom.

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