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Lucy Hamel is a mind body spirit personal trainer. She uses the tools of rebirthing/breathwork, yoga, and reiki as well as a fusion of other disciplines to bring you closer to living out your deepest truest potential. She is based in both Greece and Costa Rica, and also travels internationally doing workshops and retreats.

Originally from Boston, she has been immersed in her love of body work for more than thirty years. Diagnosed as a child with a leg discrepancy she was given the option of surgery or a future back brace. Instead she found healing through love of movement and self belief. Naturally, as an adult, Lucy became a personal trainer focusing on alignment. At 24 years old Lucy moved to Greece and continued personal training numerous clients of all ages. Following her study of clients she fully sensed how energy could flow or be stuck in a person. Her belief in energy led her to become a reiki practitioner in her thirties.


Not long after that, Lucy became a rebirth breath work practitioner for which she is now well known, and leads retreats and workshops internationally. All of this curiosity and passion for continued growth and joy led Lucy to explore the study of yoga more deeply. She completed her teacher training in Athens Greece in 2007.  In yoga, Lucy embraced even more profoundly the belief in union. Union not only exists with all life forms, it exists between your thoughts, feelings and body.

Through time Lucy developed a style of Yoga flow that adds in elements of play (which she considers vital for all of us) that guide you into a deeper union awareness. Lucy narrates her classes in a way that makes you embrace your connection to your self.


Simply opening a hand differently in an asana can move feelings though the heart or shift a thought. Her classes bring challenges that will make you shake and smile , as well as focus greatly on the core.  Music and mood will vary as much as life. Her ability to see each student as a unique individual adds greatly to the growth you will find during your time with her whether through yoga, breathwork, personal training, Skype sessions, or retreats.

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