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The love in bravery. For one person speaking up for themselves can feel like an act of bravery, while for another it could be admitting they need help, for some it may deciding to have a family, for another it could be leaving a defining career. One may feel brave just walking out of their home, yet another feels brave moving home. I have met people who were introduced to their bravery by saying no and goodbye, and many who met the big B by saying yes and hello. I once stood among travelers at Logan Airport in Boston, holding my baby son in one arm, and my suitcase in the other. After a messy separation I was heading back to Greece to find a home, and go through what would be a six year long divorce process. In front of me stood my father to wish me well. He was a firm and intelligent man, yet soft and wise too. I confused him with my life decisions. Yet as he stood there looking at his daughter, watching her head back to another country, he was brave. He cleared his throat and said “ You have a lot of courage Lucy” It hadn’t occurred to me to think of myself in that way, so I didn’t respond immediately. I tipped the feelings around inside of me and then I understood this gift my father just gave me. In that moment he chose to admire me and let me know it. “Thank you Dad”. I don’t remember clearly if I wrapped him in a hug, but I really hope I did. In some way, could you let somebody know you admire them today, for their acts of bravery however big or small? This kind of love will last a life time or more.

Love and Bravery echo.



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