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ONLY LOVE IS REAL * Perspective 3

Jacob loved that his walk was so silent. As a matter of fact he considered it a super power. He could enter a room undetected like a spy, unlike Sally who’s paws slipped all over the place. Even more ridiculous, her tongue was always hanging out. Yet she was always good for a laugh and you had to admire that nose of hers.

Something odd was going on. They both could smell it in the air. Changes that made their ears twitch.

Jacob jumped on the top shelf above the cook books and watched Adam put his dish away. It was odd to have Adam home at this time of day, he was usually at the shop, normally Jacob only got to spend an hour or so with him in the evening. Today was a luxury. A soft purr vibrated through him at the realization that home felt like home today. As soon as Adam went to rest on the couch, Jacob planned to warm that chest of his, until he felt the soothing and steady rhythm return to Adam’s breath. Yes, he would do that, if Adam ever stopped washing his hands.


Sally whined. A soft whistle. Adam dried his hands and turned towards Sally, “Ok girl. Lets go pee” Sally didn’t really need to pee, but she thought Adam could use a walk. He seemed so restless and trapped. She would show him the night sky and stars. Maybe she could teach him to smell spring under the melting snow. She would run in circles to make him laugh. She loved it when he laughed. It reminded her of a sneeze. Then she would give him a stick to throw. He needed to move, something inside of Adam needed to move. Sally spun in circles around Adams legs as he tried to put her collar on. “Come on Sally! Stay still”

Sally paused and sniffed the air. Yes, something inside of Adam needed to move and heal.

On the window ledge Jacob watched Adam and Sally walk away into the night. Each keeping pace with the other. The light surrounding them becoming one.

Jacob hopped down and made his way to the couch, he would wait there until they returned. He knew Adam would go to wash his hands again. It was new, this constant hand washing, and took more time than usual.

Jacob approved.

He practiced his most silent pounce, landing on the couch with grace. He lifted his paw and began his own cleaning, a long leisurely process he thoroughly enjoyed.

©Lucy Hamel


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