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E P I C  1

October 5- 10 2024 / Milos, Greece



Everything has a beginning. Or does it? Maybe what I write to you now really began thousands of years ago. Yet the whisper to create “Epic” was heard by me more recently.  You see, I began to imagine Epic after listening to retreat participants’ desires. 

Over the last few years, on the final evening of retreats,  I have heard people say things like: “I wish it wasn’t over, I feel like I have finally unwound into my clearer self, and I have more to do here, more to discover ” ( I take wishes seriously ).

And I wondered, “Isn’t it odd how when we plan, we limit time, yet once we are in the right environment, we are open to taking more of it.”

And so it began…”Could I do a retreat that lasted longer than a week? Or should I do two retreats very close together, so there is the choice of attending one or both? Could we go to two very different locations?” ( oooh that would be fun! ) “Could we do something really epic?” 

Epic. The word persistently sat in me like a buddha. 

I looked it up to get a feel for it: Epic- The word epic is derived from the Ancient Greek adjective, “epikos”, which means a poetic story. In literature, an epic is a long narrative poem, which is usually related to heroic deeds of a person of unusual courage and unparalleled bravery.


You, as poetry. 

Yes. That feels true. 

So I chose two locations I love for their undeniable majesty and alchemy. 


Milos island arose from the sea amid volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes somewhere around 3 million years ago. These wild shakes of the earth transformed into an island of warmth and breath-taking beauty, and it’s this that moves me, and makes me want to bring you here. To breathe in this warm and wild energy, where change and alchemy are so gracefully offered to those who wish to hear the island’s messages.

Our home for the retreat is Hotel Tania. Nestled along the sea side of a fishing village, we are cradled between breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Where do we begin?
With a thought 
and a whisper.

You, I and this earth
are so much more
than an identity. 

We are poetry.

More Information Coming Soon...

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