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Once upon a non ordinary yet ordinary moment, a soul held among many more souls sat with a wisdom known by us here on earth as God.

This wisdom whispered to the soul. It is time once again to go to earth. Be beautiful. You know what that means now, but on earth you will be confused by the messages of beauty. My love, Peace will come when you are able to see past this myth.

The wisdom sang to the soul. Be successful on earth. How could you not be? But that is a secret you only know here.

Success may be defined for you on earth if you accept it, yet know you have the true seed of success always. It cannot be taken away.

Wisdom danced wildly with the soul. Find love and give love while on earth. Your supply is limitless unless you create limits. I will honor your ability to create.

Wisdom laughed and gave the gift of senses to riddle the soul. Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Here are some tools for you. These can help ground you to the earth experience , yet they can also make you lose sight of the true you inside the earth story.

So the sixth sense I shall put right between your eyes. You can see what I see.

Wisdom showed breath to the soul. Enter this moving energy. It will be your source of connection to life on earth. I am in the breath. We are together always. It connects you to all, to me, to the universe and to the body you will learn and love in. Take time to be with this energy and listen beyond the ears.

Wisdom took flight with the soul, dipping through time.

Through warm clouds under a fire burning sun

Circling to see the moon of dreams

and down

over colorful mountaintops filled with trees chanting stories only heard above

Freedom Is.

It belongs to all.

Love Is.

It belongs to all.

Dear soul, you are free.

As you grow

every soul grows

I love you.

©Lucy Hamel


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