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Is there is a reason for things? Is there a higher energy? Is there a God? Are each of us part of God? Does life really hold magic?

Sure they help you know how to do every thing you do, without memory we might keep burning our fingers every time we tried to light a match. Ouch, what?! Fire? Ummm, Ouch! What? Fire?! A surprise every time. Walking would be impossible as the body would not recall how to stand. Movement forward would not exist. We would continuously fall, perplexed at our tumble.

Yet memories also effect how you react and act on an every day basis. They can make you trip, loose sleep, snap at someone, calm you or know insight and love.

In a way, memories let us own something deeper if you like, they let us have a fuel with which to live and be by.

They are a river where time does not exist flowing through you.

Say my life were a movie, the vision I hold of my memories could create scenes of either inspiration or doom. Its really up to me, to understand this moving river I hold. (Of course I could create a damn now and then, a pause that stops the movement of memory)

With as much information as we keep, we have something computers do not have: interpretation and emotion. It’s an alchemy we have, knowing feelings can grow and change as we hold that same story up for view whenever we want.

Whenever we want.

We are free.

Sit with a pen and paper and write one negative memory you have told many times. A story of a time that was difficult. You know the story, the one that makes people look at you and ooooohhhh.

Look at your story. Breathe.

So lets say you are the director of the most inspirational movie. A Steven Spielberg epic of a never ending universe. Why would a director create that scene of difficulty for the hero? How much stronger would the hero be if he is aware the lessons are for his good?

How can the story be used for future happiness?

Now write a story, a conversation you had with a person you dearly miss. Maybe that person has passed away or maybe they are just no longer in your life. It’s so humbling and empowering to miss someone isn't it? YOU KNOW LOVE.

Close your eyes and enter memories. Sense that person.


Its interesting how when a person passes we see how they were like Gods, these creators dressed in a human life, we understand the softness and strengths they held in magnitude. We see everything in a brighter light.

Now here is what I truly love. As I hold a memory, it feels real. The intonation of a voice is still present, as are the sensations experienced at different ages of life. I hold every story . Each being's presence was/is immensely vast. It has remained in me, so an essence is still very much alive. All comfort and love still exist, I only have to open my heart to it.

To me, that is magic. Humans can revisit time, they can revisit souls or stories and still learn and love.


It is all still happening now.

You hold these incredible scrolls of wisdom and fairy tales.

They have been given to you through time. For what reason? Only you can tell that story.

You hold them now.

Use them well.

©Lucy Hamel


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