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I am like a child sometimes. A child who is jumping up and down as she watches you on your birthday as you open a present. She is jumping because she knows what's inside and knows you will love it. I am like a child sometimes. A child who is reading Harry Potter for the second time and is glowing because I know he is going to be ok. I am like a child sometimes. Because I won’t understand all your words, they will blur together in my head but your voice will ring true to me and I will know just how you feel. The color changes of your skin as you feel will entrance me and your silence speaks so loud. I am like a child sometimes, I cry at sadness and anger. I understand your tender heart. Yet I am so resilient and know you are too, so I will keep whispering to you...offering you eyes to see wider into truth. If you like, on a hard day, I will be your grandma and extend my maternal fingers out to fix your hair and soothe your sore heart. Sometimes just a soft hand on your belly will do, just to rest and recognize your inhale and exhale. So light it reminds you of love.

I love.

©Lucy Hamel


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