The Love & Magic Retreat

Milos Island, Greece /

September 27th - October 4th 2021

Why love and magic? 

Magic, can you feel it everywhere? Inhale the mist of life and welcome the mystery.
Or find it in the water, the element of emotions. A liquid of alchemy washing time.
Let your feet walk the earth, our source of birth to endless life forms.
Look to the sky without attempting to find the logic of each thing. You will be entertained and taught invaluable lessons by the universe.

And love? Well love holds a belonging to this magic. It thrives in everything that blooms and fades. An infinite, powerful yet tender fuel that whispers in each breath and touch. Just like magic, it is undefinable in words. When you love, you just know it.
When you experience love and magic, you feel it in your soul.
There is an ancient familiarity to it, like coming home to something you always knew to be true.


Why Milos?


I have always wanted to visit Milos.  Just look at the photos and you will see why. The curvy white of land, a volcanic masterpiece reminds me of a statue that was discovered on the island, the Venus de Milo. 

Milos is still unspoiled by tourism and has the simplicity and space we all need.


I love that our retreat begins on a full moon, which the land of Milos so elegantly mirrors. 

More info coming soon!


Through practice, we build this invisible yet real muscle of a stronger intuition and ease in understanding ourselves and others...

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