The Magic in the Air

Zagori, Greece / July 1-8th  2021

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Opening up to your own soul and its connection to absolutely everything beyond it. 
Following the wisdom paths and bridges of the mountains and jeweled rivers… 
We meet in the wild beauty of Zagori Greece, the land of giant rocks and stone bridges, wild trees and crystal clear rivers and streams. Earths creations to explore, hike and simply be.

Vikos Gorge is considered one of the deepest in the world, indeed the deepest in proportion to its width.  A haven for endangered species, varied ecosystems and secrets of time. 

Let listening to nature become familiar again ( the way you were able to as a young child before answering became important ). Being was everything. 

Can you imagine the amount of energy that can pour into your being when you let go of this need to complete everything? When you yourself become an open tunnel for fresh, clean energy? 

There is a beauty when moving is only about exploring instead of achieving. Vibrancy arises like the sun.

My most profound meditations and insights come when I am wise enough to be part of it all.  Learning to not do, to undo, to let things be done, to listen and absorb the magic in the air. 

Retreat Cost: (Accommodation and Magic in the Air Practices are paid separately, as listed below) 


7 Nights Accommodation (Breakfast Included) at Gamilla Rocks Hotel

Small Double Room 

371.00 for single use


Standard Double Room  

441.00 for one person in room

490.00 for two people sharing the room


Superior Double Room   

511.00 for one person in room

560.00 for two people sharing the room


Suite Room  

581.00 for one person in room

630.00 for two people sharing the room

Magic in the Air Practices: 400.00 Euro



  • Daily Morning Yoga Practices (75 minutes)

  • 3  afternoons of Discussion and Conscious Connected Breathing 

  • 2 Evening Yoga Restorative/Yin Practices

  • Fascial Release Sessions

  • Pathways of the imagination

  • Intuitive Meditations 

  • Energy Game Play

  • Energy and Crystal Practice

  • Hands on Healing

  • Axe  Movement & Magia Class

Activities not included in the retreat cost, but totally worth it!!

  • River Rafting

  • Day hike to Dragon Lake

  • Papingo Rock pools

  • Personal Training sesssions

  • Archery (if your are all up for it we will do this together before third eye practice) 

  • Massage Therapy

Getting there: 

* As we will be in a remote area, arranging flights and booking early is essential.

Ioannina is the closest airport to Aristi Village.

Flights from Athens to Ioannina are one hour. You can look for flights at Aegean Airlines ( or Sky Express (

The Bus to Ioannina takes five and a half hours from Kifissos Station in Athens. 

Taxis can be arranged from Ioannina to Gamilla Rocks for a charge of 50 euro.

For registrations and more information please contact Lucy - +306945050832 (WhatsApp) or Barbara - +306945882442 (WhatsApp).

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