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Once Upon A Time

Cape Cod, Massachusetts - June 2021


Story telling :

A medicine of tales and truths. A pathway in time travel while healing the energy of the present. 

Somewhere in your tales is who you are today, and how you got here.  Where are you, in the book of you? 

Story telling holds your powers and secrets. It revels in those moments that moved and challenged you. What is challenging and fueling your soul now?

Can you sense how becoming is always happening? 
How far back could your story go? Where did you begin? 

You are and always have been the story teller. 

Through yoga, discussion, conscious connected breathing and energy practices we travel to the past to clean and embrace anything that needs our care.  Rewriting chapters until they feel as close as possible to a deeper truth. Assimilating this new wisdom, we listen to our souls with presence, rooting ourselves in the today. 

Would you like to dive into that luxuriously infinite space of your soul?

If you were to start a book that begins on this very day, what would it say? 


Cape Cod

Cape Cod has a dreaminess to it. Soft sandy beaches and dunes, the sounds of seagulls and fresh ocean breezes, ice creams shops and playhouses, bicycle paths and cranberry bogs. 
Golden sunsets leading to starry nights…

As a girl my summers were spent on the beaches of Cape Cod. Building sand castles with pearly shells who’s inhabitants tip toed intricate patterns by the oceans edge. Bike rides and bare feet were essential. Old clap board homes gave me chills and floor boards that creaked only made it more interesting.  Stories were told in the evening’s light, with voices that were soft and low, tales that made the imagination ignite with possibilities.  


I’ve searched to find a home that has all possibilities for a Cape Cod experience, while holding the feeling of a true home. Our retreat home is located in Dennis Cape Cod. On an acre of land surrounded by trees sits an expansive property originally built in 1790, its barn extension is modernized to offer every comfort. 
There are six bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and shower or bath. Two large living areas, one in the old section and one in the barn extension. We have a screened porch outback for reading, storytelling and evening games. 

The back yard and the heated swimming pool are surrounded by trees for privacy. 
We are within ten minutes walking distance of Dennis Village, which has shops, cafes, restaurants, the famous Cape Cod Playhouse, Cinema, and Art Museum as well as the Favorite Ice Cream Smuggler. Not only is the house within walking distance of the village, but it is also within walking distance (less than a mile) to the favorite Mayflower Beach.


Retreat Cost Includes:

Six nights accommodation

Healthy Breakfasts loaded with freshness

Morning Yoga Practices ( 75 minutes ) 

Fruits and Snacks in Open Kitchen

Three afternoons of personal exploration and story telling followed by conscious connected breathing ( 3 hours ) 

Three dinners at home after Breathwork

Third Eye Meditations and energy practice

Two sunset restorative yoga sessions

Your choice of Accommodation

  • Master King with Balcony  $1,700 Single Occupancy - $1,400 per person Double Occupancy 

  • Master Queen with Jacuzzi Bath $1,600 Single Occupancy - $1,300 Double Occupancy 

  • Double Queen Bed  $1,500  Single occupancy  - $1,250 per person Double Occupancy

  • Double Queen Bed   $1,500 Single Occupancy - $1,250 per person Double Occupancy

  • Twin room for two people $1,200 per person

  • Double Queen Lower $1,500 Single occupancy - $1,300 per person Double Occupancy

* All rooms have private bathrooms.   (A rare find in a older property 😉)

For registrations and more information please contact Lucy - +306945050832 (WhatsApp)

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