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Discussions of Love

Kythnos - Greece

/ June 29th - July 6th 2019

It’s time to hold our Discussions of Love Retreat in Greece. 
Years ago in Greece as a tourist:
I walked home barefoot after an evening of dancing. I moved slowly, almost lazily because life felt so good and I didn’t want it to end. Have you ever felt like that? Special for no particular reason other than you have remembered how good it feels to be free and alive? 
I could still feel the sun’s heat in the ancient stones, it warmed and rooted me and I seemed to press my foot more carefully into the old path just to capture the suns magic.  I could hear the songs of insects, smell the sea’s life and herbs becoming scent and future taste. When I looked up I saw more stars than I had ever seen. The sight from the quiet island was astounding. This is what night looks like?  I had an insight that surprised me with its easy truth. What I once thought night looked like was only one perspective, and there were so many. 
Love is not only like water, it is like the stars and sky. I have remembered this night many times. Simply because I felt so quietly and truly alive. Isn’t that love too? 

If you spend some time intentionally moving for love, talking to hear love, listening to catch love, breathing to feel love:


What might you invite into your being?

What might we offer the world? 

What is wiser and more powerful than love?

What is more infinite than love?

Hovering above the crystal blue of the sea, a three minute walk down to a secluded beach sits our home for the retreat, the magical K4 Kastellas in Kythnos, Greece. A shining example of dreams manifested. 

Our yoga shala is open air, inviting you to embrace the sheer blue sea , warm orange sunsets, the wild taste of drying herbs, clean air and starlight. ( Just like I loved when I first arrived in Greece) 


We will be residing in white washed villas of simple cycladic style. The villas have sea views, access to the infinity pool and our yoga shala. Each villa has three bedrooms, kitchen, wifi, balcony and two bathrooms. 


Experience healthy greek meals made with love. Greek food means color and freshness, serving vegetarian dinners and local fish.  I promise you, greek food is yummmmmmmy! I love that the chef considers food a “cuisine of emotions”. Just perfect!

Choices of sleeping accommodations : 


  • Twin room shared (two twin beds).This room reminds me of childhood vacations. 

  • Bunk Bed room shared (double bed on top and double bed on the bottom), so fun!  

  • Double Bed Master (for single use, couple, close friends). Peaceful private space, what do you think? 


As stated above, in each villa there is also a kitchen, two bathrooms and living space for sharing. Of course hanging on the beach, on a lounge by the pool or upside down in the shala is all out your front door. 

Retreat Price includes: 


  • 7 Nights accommodations at K4 Villas

  • Access to yoga Shala and Infinity Pool

  • Meals made with love. Breakfasts, fresh afternoon snacks by the pool 

and dinners by starlight

  • 7 Morning Yoga Flow Practices

  • 3 Sunset Practices, to unwind and relax

  • 3 Discussions and Breathwork sessions (Do you realize the power of your breath?) 

  • Practices in your intuition 

Shared rooms are 1070 euro for full retreat package. 

Single use for double room is 1300 euro for full retreat package. 

What can you add on that's not included?


  • Massages and energy healing

  • Personal training time

  • A boat trip to the famous double beach of Kolona

  • Kythnos has two thermal springs. 

  • A private tour of Katafiki cave

Getting there

Take a ferry from Lavrion, the prettiest yet least well known port in Athens. Its only a 30 minute ride from Athens Airport. 
Your ferry to Kythnos will take 90 minutes. 
Once everything is confirmed, your pick up to take you to the secluded retreat location can be arranged.

Book your Ferry tickets here. 

Lavrio-Kythnos (3).jpg

For registrations and more information please contact Lucy ( - +306945050832) or Barbara ( - +306945882442)

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