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Illuminating Presence Retreat

Pelion, Greece / May 20th-27th 2023

Stretch out the busy brain.  Find a place that feels so serene and profoundly expansive, your brain reflects open space.

Welcome vibrancy and clarity within and without, consciously move to a circular breath. Thoughts and memories are always here for you. New ways of thinking appear as if straight from a truth source. Feelings move through like freedom.

Feel the strength and love of your body. Walk in nature, swim and remember to play.  In asanas, see how the body aligns and balances and returns to a deeper centering. Try something new. The body thrives in newness since infancy. Possibilities always are here. 

Own intuition. Enter a time and space beyond words and knowledge. It sits close to imagination and vibration. Invite belief to radiate comfortably in every cell and and spark of life. Become what you truly are. Presence. 


How about a week by the sea? Look up and inhale the infinite sky. You can dip your whole body under the mirroring liquid, like a dolphin, and feel the cool silky water surround you with its life. Rest on your back to look up to see the birds swoop and glide.

Walk in the olive fields, and continue down towards the clear water. As you go, feel your feet touch the grass and sand, and listen to the silvery green olive leaves rustle in a breeze.

I too will wake each morning to take it all in. The sounds of your voices  as we meet for breakfast and tell of our night’s dreams and choices for the day ahead. Then I will join you on the yoga deck along the water. To feel our bodies root and rise. We will flow like water or tumble like stones, and balance like a bird or lizard. Do you want to practice on the sea? How about on a paddle board? Do you want to climb or stroll? Would you like to get in a canoe and be taken into the unknown? How often do you dream and feel the dreams coming true?  As our thoughts float like waves, I wonder how many things we can do with our presence.

We meet at Dolphins Leap, a villa set in the foothills of Mount Pelion.

Included in your retreat : 

  • Daily Morning Yoga on yoga deck at the edge of the sea

  • Daily meditations

  • 3 Conscious Connected Breathing sessions

  • 2 Yin evening practices

  • 2 Fascial Unwinding sessions

  • Healthy Breakfasts and snacks

  • 5 healthy dinners with local greek food cooked by our chef (on the two free evenings, we can go to nearby tavernas along the sea) 

Total price for retreat including accomodation:

Ensuite Bedrooms 
1,200 € Per person for two people sharing.
1,500€ For single use.

Bedrooms with shared hallway and bathroom
1,100 Per person with two people sharing
1,300 For single Use 

All rooms are unique and beautiful, each with a sea view. 
Rooms will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. 

Balcony Room - Ensuite
Ensuite Bedroom
Ocean Room - Ensuite
Ensuite Bedroom
Terrace Room
Bedroom with shared hallway and bathroom
Naxos Room - Ensuite
Ensuite Bedroom
Rose Room - Ensuite
Ensuite Bedroom
Pelion Room
Bedroom with shared hallway and bathroom
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Group Van ride from airport to property can be arranged.
A paddle board for your private use.
Kayak trip with guide.
Bring cash for dinners or a lunch at local tavernas.

For registrations and more information on how to get to Pelion, please contact Lucy, - +306945050832 (WhatsApp) or Barbara, - +306945882442 (WhatsApp).

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