"Play, Be Strong, Be Gentle: Yoga Classes With Lucy"

Updated: May 29, 2018

Lucy’s yoga class is the reason I practice yoga today. Lucy’s practice has been described as challenging, therapeutic, refreshing, inspiring and playful. You find yourself learning more and more about your body. You learn to listen to it, appreciate its abilities and embrace the changes you discover through your practice with curiosity and trust. More than the sequences in her class, it’s the little details Lucy will mention, which you hadn’t noticed before.

You may suddenly understand your strength and how to use it to balance yourself or even realize how powerful your breath can make you.

Lucy also adds different elements which keep you connected to your practice. May that be her different music playlists that motivate you, make you smile during an asana or even jump in some cases, or adding the wall to the practice to challenge your strength while adjusting your alignment.

Apart from her creative ways of making you feel alive in your body, Lucy tends to make her classes meaningful by setting an intention at the beginning of class. Leading you through the practice by this set intention, you see yourself releasing emotions in certain asanas. You may be strong in one and vulnerable in another. Your emotions will tell you where you’re at. Though, by the end of class, you will listen. You might listen to a soothing song, an inspiring affirmation by Lucy, your breath; you feel grateful and you feel worthy for all you are and have.

Many people learn so much from Lucy and carry it in their hearts after class straight into their everyday life. Lucy reminds people in her class how to play, how to be strong and to be gentle with themselves.

Barbara Pateraki

Personal Trainer/Yoga Teacher

May 2014