"It was refreshing, calm and nurturing."

It took me weeks to finally decide to attend Lucy’s yoga retreat. As a new mother and with a lot of other challenging things going on in my life I was already vulnerable enough and I was afraid of being with people I didn't know and most importantly a teacher that I didn’t know! I finally succumbed and I can not express how mind blowing this experience was for me. It opened my eyes to magic, to healing, to truth. Lucy takes you to a place where you have been before but only as a child and it is so refreshing. A time and a place where honesty prevailed and vulnerability and feelings were not awkward or to be afraid of. It was refreshing, calm and nurturing - all the things that I needed at a very hectic time in my life. The retreats have ample time to take for yourself in between workshops and yoga and combine a wonderful balance of calm and physical strength. Lucy is kind, calm and extremely experienced especially when it comes to stripping down years of a thick wall to exposing the real, true you - the best you!

One of the best things I have ever done for myself, I couldn’t recommend Lucy and her retreats more.



Through practice, we build this invisible yet real muscle of a stronger intuition and ease in understanding ourselves and others...

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