“Thanks to the high ones!”

Lucy has been an inspirational gift in my life in many ways and at many levels. Gratitude wells up when thinking about the many sessions that we’ve had and the life changes that she has accompanied me on — sometimes in person (when I was in Costa Rica) and frequently by Skype from New York.

I first met her in a group yoga class (Jan 2013) and found her to be so perceptive on my body that I engaged her for personal trainings. During those we did some breath work that opened up a whole new domain in our work together of rebirthing doing circular breathing.

Over the past year and a half working with Lucy, I’ve gone through some major life transitions. During that time, we have had many enlightening conversations that have been instrumental in my choices on various paths in life. She has been a huge factor during that period in my growth at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. She is talented and wise in all of her offerings. Her clarity and connection to the Divine is always there and ever so powerful.

In each session with Lucy (rebirthing, personal training or yoga) I have felt embraced by her heart, supported by her wisdom, and pleasantly challenged by her honesty and precise perceptions. I am also grateful for the many inspirational readings and thoughtful sayings which she shares from both the moderns and the ancients.

Thanks to the High Ones for sending this supportive soul to us!!

Douglas Gardner New York, USA April 2014