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Sometimes we think we have it all under control and the universe seems to let us know that change IS. We are all changing, loving, leaving, arriving, dreaming, inspiring… We ALL are. This year especially I am inclined to keep that very present in my thoughts. To whisper in the softest way I can so that it simmers and leaves a dusting of inspiration to remember the peace and power of observance during action. Imagine yourself at the top of a snowy hill. There you are bundled up in a scarf and hat, gloves covering your hands. You are sitting on a sled and admiring the hill’s incredibly steep slopes. How gorgeous to be out on this sparkling day! You’ll just hang here a while and enjoy the freshness. You let your hand reach out and pat the snow and feel, through your glove, a sense of the chill held in the white crystals. How toasty warm these new gloves are!

Suddenly someone comes from behind and pushes your sled. Your neck jerks back in reaction and your hands attempt to squeeze tight as the sled begins to speed downward. The thick gloves have become a burden as your fingers can’t seem to hold a firm grip. Hmmm. Funny how such a simple protection can become a nuisance in a mili-second.

Your speed increases and you find your mind spitting out sentences. “Who the hell pushed my sled?” “ I wasn't ready!!!” “Shit it’s cold” “Wow look at that tree!” Shit look how fast I am moving!” Crap how will I stop?” “ How can I be sweating and freezing all at once?” “ I never get to do it the way I want.” “Why?!” “Oh my god I must look ridiculous.”

In just under four minutes you are at the bottom of the hill panting. You tumbled your way to a stop that left you sitting beside your sled. You look around, you look up. You sigh. It’s that feeling that you missed something. It suddenly occurs to you, that most of the anxiety that just occurred happened through your own thoughts. That ride could have felt very different.

This has been a year of growth for me that let me practice what I preach. To hold space for myself as the world around me changed. I’ll tell you all about it when I can look in your eyes, it’s that kind of a story. :)

Sometimes that’s how life is. It pushes you in a new direction and you don't see it coming. It shakes you awake and asks you to keep BEING. Finding peace and an inward grace during life’s surprises are the lessons we all will encounter. Sometimes what we arrive at is more than peace, it blooms into a new creative force from deep in your soul that reminds you of everything that is truly important.

Every event or sudden turn in life actually holds that LIVE magic. It’s that space where you expand awareness.

©Lucy Hamel


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