I think Lucy is an angel sent to me by the Divine­­­­.

I went to Costa Rica in desperate need for a b­­reak, a pause from a hectic life that was consuming me. After a reiki session with Lucy’s friend, Dianne, she recommended for me to try breathwork. I decided to give it a try since I realized I was more than anxious or sad; I was in true emotional pain. I went back to Costa Rica three months after for Lucy’s retreat.

Lucy’s work is amazing. Her yoga is very unique. It works muscles and areas you easily forget exist and it leaves you with a feeling of calmness and appreciation for everything around you, starting with yourself.

The breathwork is a surreal powerful experience. It can resurface old memories, emotions, and reconnect you with your soul. The discussions we had about our experiences since we were babies were very in depth as well. They developed in such a way that it was hard not discover new things about yourself.

And Lucy herself is a wonderful human being. She has a light that illuminates everything around her. Her love and intuition make her and her work very exceptional. That week in Costa Rica was quite remarkable. I felt that I had started to let go of some of the weight that I had been carrying around for so long.

After the first workshop I had with Lucy, I attended to her Love Retreat two weeks later, and this experience was even more extraordinary. I felt loved and understood. Furthermore, I felt that Lucy saw beauty through my pain and reminded me that I was still a beautiful lovable creature. She also reminded me that my intuition was still within myself, right there where I had left it, and that I just needed to close my eyes and trust myself. That’s such an incredible feeling.

Those experiences with Lucy were very healing, and I am very grateful to her as she showed me the path to regain myself by nourishing my soul and freeing my spirit.

A. Bracero

February 2018