Glowing Feedback From The Previous Ageless Retreat and Self Esteem Retreat


As a wife and mother of two working in the corporate world, getting

away for a whole week to practice yoga with Lucy was a serious decision but one of the best and most important decisions in my adult life! I thought I would be spending a week of intense yoga. In addition to that, Lucy immersed us into an eye-and-soul-opening experience where the yoga seamlessly and effortlessly morphs into soul-searching and self-discovery.

I attended the Self-Esteem Retreat during which Lucy helped me de-bunk many past childhood myths I had held on to as my truths..She helped me rewrite my life-story and realize that my past as a baby, child, teenager and young adult was not full of the “drama” I so enjoyed complaining about! She opened my horizons as a parent and an individual, how to teach my children self-love and how to embrace others with compassion.

I highly recommend this journey to anyone who wants to re-programme their hearts and souls. The phenomenal yoga (the body follows suit to the wonderful emotional changes incurred by the profoundly fun way Lucy delves into your essence) is just the cherry on the top!

Everything Lucy does nourishes the NOW. I have no words to describe the gift that is Lucy…


Prior to the Ageless Retreat, the last time I felt so alive in my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle as child. As always with Lucy’s retreats, this was nothing I expected. Exactly what I needed where everything is so predictable and structured in my life. It was so full of magical surprises! Breakfast turns into mindful breathing, yoga turns into life coaching, a simple excursion turns into rebirthing and a “free night on the town” turns into joyful surrender to life!

Being “ageless” is not about being fit or eating raw. It’s about conditioning our hearts, souls, minds and bodies to never stop learning new things and to never stop experiencing the TODAY, the NOW. It is about reveling in the surprises of life: the good, the bad, even the ugly. 

That’s what keeps us feeling alive. In respect to the yoga, I effortlessly accomplished asanas I had never been able to master even in my youth. My posture, flexibility, physical strength and endurance mirrored all my internal positive changes Lucy had magically weaved in throughout the week. As I left for home, I had fallen hopelessly in love… with my ever-growing self!

Ioanna Elena Markou, the Vice Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Cityscape Investment & Property Services

May 2014