Discussions of Love Retreat: Verona, Italy / November 23rd -29th 2018

Treat yourself. For it is in how you treat yourself and others that you express your true definition of love.

I thought about this as I planned the Verona Discussions of Love Retreat. I wanted a retreat which held luxury ( hence the five star, historically rich Due Torri Hotel ) for don’t we all want to be spoiled?  

When loved, I want to be cared for and yet feel free. So the retreat has a pretty open feel. Yoga and breath work are in the afternoon so we are free every morning for long walks in this inspirational city which so beautifully celebrates love.

Sometimes we need to remember what love has inspired: Sculptures, paintings, poetry, novels and music that capture true vision.

For love moves us into the creative and imaginative space where the world expands and holds limitless possibilities.

What have you created through love? What has been your greatest act of self love? 

Is love easy? Do you make it easy? 

What do you need to remember about love? Is love naive or brave? Is love scary or a safe place? Where did you learn about love? What do you think the world has forgotten about love? How do you define love? Are there rules? Who made the rules? What would you like to improve about how you love? 

Discussions of Love Retreat:

-Yoga 3 afternoons beginning Nov. 23rd (90 minutes)

-Two afternoons of Intuitive discussion and TRE

-Two group breath work sessions (three hours)

-Reiki daily during both TRE and breath work

-Two Body Alignment and Core Classes (including more yoga and partner work to loosen the

body after our long walks)

-Meditation and spontaneous and energetic breath work over or under the city when the time is right.

For our afternoon Discussions of Love we have reserved the beautiful and very private space of the Accademia meeting room in the Due Torri, (so you only need to come downstairs with your mat and a towel) We will finish between 6pm and 7pm so we can bathe and head out for a yummy dinner.

Why November?

It’s off season. We can wander in and out of all the historical buildings without waiting in lines. (Most of the photos here are from a trip in November, it was WONDERFUL!) We also took a trip in the spring and though that was also lovely, we had to wait in lines and that mysterious feeling that makes you whisper as you explore castles and creations of faith was gone.

How to get to Verona?

From Rome you can fly direct to Verona in an hour.

From Milan there are trains to Verona throughout the day ( it’s about a two hour journey).

Why not stay in Rome or Milan for a day or two to explore?


On this retreat you can pay the hotel directly for your accommodations. A very scrumptious breakfast is included in your room cost. Please contact me and I will send you the needed form for booking. A separate price is set for our retreat time together. I would love to have you join us. Just send me a message or mail for all the details.

Accommodation Rates at Due Torri inclusive of Buffet Breakfast, 10% Vat and service.

Double Classic room for single use: 840.00 euro for six nights

Double Classic room for two people (king/twin beds) 1020.00 euro for six nights

Double Deluxe room for single use 1020.00 per room for six nights

Double Deluxe room for two people(king/twin beds) 1200.00 euro

for six nights

Retreat time together including all classes : 400 Euro per person for entire stay

Feel free to message me with any questions (at lucyhamel@hotmail.com). 

In honor of all that changes and all that never changes.

In all of its glory, anguish, passion, obsession, tenderness and healing. How has romance played out in your life so far?

What do you love about love?

For the tender truth is, sometimes we don’t even realize what we are “putting out there” until we hold ourselves in question.

So, in honor of how we were made, may love be held and freed.

With the magic of all that can change and the magic of that which remains.

This retreat is dedicated to my Dad, who loved to explore the world ( especially Italy) and enjoy every moment!

♥ Lucy