Discussions of Love

Montezuma Costa Rica

February 23-29 2020

This is a conversation for eternity. How much time do you offer to love? 


Love is a creative force.  It’s brought us profound works of art, songs to melt your heart, writings to quicken or still your breath, an energetic pull that urges you to reach out and hold a human tight, and babies that arrive with the light of innocence. Hence, when you spend time talking about love, you feel it and become a creative force.

Love is an incredibly vulnerable spiritual education. She is a master course in the faith of your own goodness. Do you deserve love? Who will tell you that if not you? 

Once we begin discussing love, we laugh and cry. 

Love will spin the compass of emotions for you. Joy, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, passion, desire, peace, anxiety, guilty, awe…the list goes on and each will all ask you if you can still see love. 

As we begin Discussions of love,  we enter through romance: Yet soon enough every one you have ever loved in any form presents themselves to your soul for service and contemplation. Because, you have been and are loved.  

You are love.

Love will always grow if you allow it to. Yet you cannot control the way it grows. Once again, I will repeat. Love is a master course on faith. 

Love heals and is the source of the highest clarity.

You are never done learning about Love. 

Why the Villa Montezuma Hills? 

Because its absolutely gorgeous. I have yet to see a photo that captures the vast expansiveness of the view, the flowers across the grass and or the hammocks and couches that are set to offer long conversations or snoozes. Its a place to dream…


Why Montezuma, Costa Rica?

Here is a bit from my blog that explains: 

Stepping into Costa Rica is stepping into softness. The earth is softer and more slippery. The air holds a wetness and the fruit is almost plush in its juiciness. People talk in slow motions and sit lazily on any surface that looks comfortable. The land is vivid in its softness. Green and yellow, red and blue all make there way in front of you with a playfulness you thought only fit for a children’s book. All life is welcome here. Monkeys howl and swing from tree to tree, dogs wag tails and play in the ocean, birds come and sit on your dinner plate, hummingbirds hover over your hammock as you swing slowly…welcome to the the heart chakra. Remember, all are welcome here and have equal rights of being. 

What’s included in the retreat? 


  • 6 nights/7 days at Villa Montezuma Hills.

  • Healthy and totally yummy breakfasts and lunch snacks and salads.

  • 4 Healthy and comforting dinners by our chef.

  • 3 Conscious connected breathing sessions: (afternoons)                                      These sessions last three hours so we have plenty of time for those love discussions and assimilation after breathing.

  • 6 Yoga mornings of yoga flow (75 minutes)

  • 2 Sunset practices that  include soft alignment for body and face, fascial release and yin. (75 minutes)



What’s not included that you might love experience ? 


  • Surfing lessons

  • Zip lining

  • The butterfly gardens

  • Hiking in Cabo Blanco National Park

  • Scuba lessons

  • Massages and other healing therapies

  • Salsa in town (we can even make a night of it all together)

  • A day trip to Tortuga island with snorkeling (so much fun! I am in if you are!) 

Your Choices of Accommodation

Master Suite with balcony, private bath and tub: $1350 per person shared double  (two people sharing the two rooms).  $1075 per person (four people sharing the two rooms) 

Corner Double with private bath: $1075 per person

(two people sharing room * one double bed and one single bed) 

Single: $1300

Double Room with private bath: $1075 per person

(two people sharing room *one double bed and one bunk bed) 

Single: $1300

Garden Lower Room with private bath: $950 per person

(two people sharing room *one double bed ) 

Single: $1080

Den with pull out bed  (bath and shower below in living space):  $850 single use 


*All rooms have choices of air-conditioning and fan. 

For registrations and more information please contact Lucy lucyhamel@hotmail.com - +306945050832 (WhatsApp)


Through practice, we build this invisible yet real muscle of a stronger intuition and ease in understanding ourselves and others...

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