Conscious Connected Breathing:

The Salt Cave

Athens, Greece / April 20th 2019

Just as the earth holds magic, so do we. In this afternoon workshop we combine three powerful ways of clarifying and empowering our energy, through the benefits of true conversations, deep circular breathing and himalayan salts.

Conscious breathing is simple yet so powerful.

Consider it your personal road map to your energy body and auric field.

Oxygen is our detox, our fuel and an intuitive force.

Breath work increases clarity and focus, elevates the senses, feeds your cells, reduces anxiety,

promotes digestion, creates a soothing sleep and pulls your energy front and center.

We are miraculous in our

ability to heal and care for ourself.

The thought, feeling and quality of inhale and exhale can

be held as precious medicine for all.

In this workshop we focus on how you have been using your magic tools.

It's best to book your spot early, as space is limited.
Lucy Hamel 6945050832
Barbara Pateraki 6945882442

Location: Salt Cave Glyfada Spa & Products/Αλατοσπήλαιο Γλυφάδας

L. Vouliagmenis 85 & Ανtheon, Inside the Mall City Plaza- Νο 215, 16674 Glyfádas, Attiki, Greece

Time: 16.00-19.00


Through practice, we build this invisible yet real muscle of a stronger intuition and ease in understanding ourselves and others...

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